Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Tying the Threads Together: The Political Significance of Young Nietzsche’s Reception of Plato’s Symposium.” Perspectives on Political Science 52 (1). 2023: 29-38.

“Spheres and Civilization: Plato’s Aristophanes and Sigmund Freud’s Politics of the Psyche.” Psychotherapy & Politics International 20 (1 & 2). 2022: 1-15.

Invited Articles

“Scientism, Certitude, and the Recovery of Politics.” Nova et Vetera 21 (1). 2023: 239-248.

Popular Press

Three-Part Series on Political Discourse
McGrath Institute for Church Life Blog
“On Some Problems with Political Discourse” October 8, 2020
“What is Political Discourse for the Catholic?” October 15, 2020
“At Home in Our Homelessness: What Can Catholics Expect from Politics?” October 22, 2020

“The Practice of Catholicism and Modern Identity.” Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization, May 22, 2018.